“Darkly Dreaming Dexter” No IGer was harmed in the taking of this image. I’ve been debating with myself what people will think of this shot, because without context, it is a bit on the dark side. This was an incidental shot while testing the light and r

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•jump for joy• The #mextures app is finally here I have done a few trial runs and it is fantastic! What a great release.! Thanks @merekdavis for the passion and creativity in creating these textures and app. Well done!

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•stand tall. be yourself• This is the second part of my collab with @sebmafuna I really enjoy the perspective and tones he uses in his images. They are quite different to what I choose, and as such the same image can portray two separate truths. I hope

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•little drops of heaven• This is my first collab with @sebmafuna – one of the most talented Igers I know. Sebastien moved to Cape Town this year to study so I am hoping to finally meet the man behind the incredible shots. Please take some time to check o

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